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Spice Jar Label

Spice Jar Label

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Organize your Kitchen Pantry with aesthetically appealing Jar Labels. Black Labels not only make pantry items look classy but also helps in storage organization and use. These labels are in English as well as in Urdu which helps different members of the family to refer to the right item. Printed on imported photopaper stickers provided quality and strong adhesion. Please note that these are paper stickers so exposure to the water is not recommended. You can use cloth to clean them when required. Plastic laminated labels are water resistant. You can get the discounted prices if you opt to pay for advance online payment. For cash on delivery orders, regular rates will be applied.

Spice Jars Organized with Label Stickers

These printed jar labels in English and Urdu not only helps the family members and kitchen helpers in identifying the right spice but the appealing look of the labels also helps in enhancing the aesthetic look of your pantry. The shape and optimum size of labels can be applied to multiple jar shapes and sizes.


These are 105 unique labels and you can select the set of 30, 75 or 105. These are pre printed labels so custom or selective names cannot be selected. List of the labels is available in the product images and you can see the list to decide if you want set of 30, 75 or 105 labels. 


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